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Fru Fru Amzei Cooperative

București, România
Authors: arch. Călin Radu, arch. Dan Enache, arch. Alexandru Apostol / LAMA ARHITECTURA
Collaborators: confecții metalice și mobilier -Kaustik
vitrina metalică acces -Puntocasa

Authors’ Comment

The intervention started with the demolition of the chaotic elements added during the passed years, and thus discovering a much higher space, with a grand aesthetic value. This value was given first of all by the brick walls, the brick used being of very good quality, tho it was built into the wall more than a century ago. In that case, we decided to leave it bear, and just waterproof it.
The existing window showcase was cancelled, discovering this way that the whole had a much bigger height, 3.5 m. We chose a steel window frame that can open full height, in a bi-fold system. This way, the entire space, tho narrow and deep, became filled with light.
The centerpiece of the design is the BAR, a steel truss that levitates in the center of the space. To enhance this levitation, the base of the bar was covered with a mirror finishing. The design develops around this massive piece that apparently floats, becoming the SPINE of the space.

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