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VanFruct Mendeleev

București, România
Authors: arch. Călin Radu, arch. Dan Enache / Lama Arhitectura

Authors’ Comment

The difficult 10 sqm space (size, different hights and a passing through the space), lifted at 1.4 m from the street, generated a ribbed steel stairway that gathers the clients from the sideway, leading them inside throught the steel box that marks the entrance. The space is divided into two distinct areas: the acces and passing through area on the right, and the juicebar and public area on the left. To mark the different areas, the sitting and juicebar area was lifted 14 cm from the acces and passing through space. The spaces were also covered in different finishings. The lifted area was covered in cork, a warm and soft material that goes with plants and fresh fruity drinks. The whole space was visually unified by using a transparent metal mesh arcade, on which plant pots with aromatic plants and indoor ivy were hanged. All of the walls were uncovered, leaving the brick expose, and then coloured with lime-yellow. The small existing window becomes a street metal showcase, creating a dialogue with the entrance box.

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