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Control Club-Berlin - Secondary Hall

București, România
Authors: arch. Călin Radu, arch. Dan Enache, arch. Anca Ene, arch. Ioana-Lavinia Stan / Lama Arhitectura
Collaborators: Confecții metalice: KRAUTZ Production
Tamplarii metalice: Andrei Gal ( Punto Casa)

Authors’ Comment

The project aim for this club was to retrieve the former identity of the space (the Berlin restaurant), using the Berlin Wall as concept. Unlike the Grand Hall (dinamic, strained), the Secondary Hall dilutes its impact, allures one to sit down and relax, having a calm conexion with the outside. The physical boundary between the room and the outside can vanish by activating the bi-fold windows, thus becoming a fluid gradual space. The concept builds itself up by the use of direct and indirect references comprised of sensory stimuli from specific areas. The pillars, cornice, blue ceramic tiles and the Berlin coat of arms, dating from the comunist era, were kept as a reminder. The wooden wainscot of the old restaurant was redone in point de hongrie technique, a technique very popularat that time. The same texture can be found on the bar front, only in prefabricated concrete. The Rușchița marble, as used on the original floor of the space, marks the countertop of the bar here, as well. The bench area makes a subtle connection to the comunist typical sofas.
Control brings history to life, whilst playing with dramatic visuals and creating a theatrical space that is strained and iridescent, suitable for nightlife.

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