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  • Prize of the “Interior Design” section

Edo Garden Restaurant

București, România
Authors: arch. Dan Enache, arch. Călin Radu, arch. Anca Ene / LAMA ARHITECTURA
Collaborators: confectii lemn: Daniel Nica

Authors’ Comment

The Restaurant and Summer Garden are hosted by a lot of an interbellic house. We wanted to reactivate the specific summer garden of those times(interwar period) and reinterpret it in a modern manner,by using the theme of the asian restaurant (focusing on Japanese culture).
1.The Restaurant: We created a sober general atmosphere(linked to the Japonese culture) in a formal manner, but also by usage of materials. The walls were covered in burnt fir battens (the traditinoal Japanese technique: shou shugi ban), and the ceiling in the same fir tree battens, but unprocessed.
2.The Summer Garden: Using the geometry of the existing garden as a starting point, we designed a clear space, central and introverted (Japanese culture). Generated by a long covered bench that offsets from the sides of the property, it left behind an untouched randomly developed existing context. The center is occupied by a pond of Japanese crap fish (crap koi), surrounded by a high perimeter table, that has the function of railing, serving food, observation point of the fish. This becomes the focal point of the garden. The burnt wood technique ( shou sugi ban) is massively present outside as well.

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