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  • Nomination for the “Residential Architecture - Single Houses” section

LAMA house

București, România
Authors: arch. Dan Enache, arch. Călin Radu / Lama Arhitectura
Collaborators: Structură: ing. Andrei Tudor (Interactive Design S.C.)
Constructor: ConsPro Development

Authors’ Comment

The project could be considered as daring because of its site proportions, a long but very narrow strip of land with a blind wall on one side. Due to the shape of the site and its surroundings, the house resulted as a long and 4.5m narrow shape, attached to the neighbors blind wall. The shape and placement on the site correlates with the typical wagon houses that are specific for Bucharest’s urban tissue. The facades and the layout of the house were built according to their position towards the public or private areas of its surrounding and the cardinal points. The best example would be the southern facade, molded to work as a sun trap. The house was built so that it would have a small front yard which provides entrance from the street, as well as a larger private backyard. The access point inside the house is signaled by a burnt wooden box, the vestibule, attached to the white main volume, thus creating a visual contrast. The composition was designed using passive housing principles: ventilated facade, efficient isolation (PU foam+mineral wool+cellulose), performant glazings, sustainable ventilation system consisting of air tubes buried at the level of the building’s foundation, large windows + shading (funnel shaped facade and a pergola) on the South for major functions, small windows on the North for secondary spaces.

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