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Barista School & Offices TED'S COFFEE CO.

Glina, jud. Ilfov, România
Authors: arch. Călin Radu, arch. Dan Enache, arch. Alice Ioniță, arch. Alexandru Apostol / LAMA ARHITECTURA
Collaborators: confectii metalice si mobilier: Liviu Manole

Authors’ Comment

When we came by this light filled industrial hall,we wanted to keep and enhance that industrial feeling and add playfullness to the working spaces.You will find here as well, the TED’S COFFEE SHOP key elements:curved steel meshes,Ted’s-to-go-cup lightning installation,TED’s friendship table,TED’s library-display,etc. The reception acces area(Groundfloor) has a 3 level height opened space like an atrium, that leaves visible the sections of the levels. Therefore, we decided to design a staircase like a white ribbon, lit and marked sequentially by linear LED objects, to connect all levels (each with it’s own function,but intertwining). At the 1’st floor we find the TED’s offices, an open-plan space, separated only by furniture semi-opaque objects, and glass walls.The main item is the working module: the TED’S CONTAINER.It has also the purpose of adding intimacy to the working sets,whilst permitting a view to the entire opened space. Following the ribbon steel staircase, we reach the gangplank that covers the relaxation and games area, and holds a barista school. The seating consists of an amphitheater, from which the trainees watch the lessons, projections and competitions.

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