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Prișcu House

București, România
Authors: arch. Dan Enache, arch. Călin Radu, arch. Alice Ioniță / LAMA ARHITECTURA
Collaborators: confectii metalice: Krautz Production
confectii lemn : Daniel Nica

Authors’ Comment

The house was built by Radu Priscu (renowned hidrotechnician,supervised important dams, including dam Vidraru) for his family, in 1966.We tried to keep as much as possible from the original elements of the building, and link it to the initial owener. We kept were the floor layouts, the travertine(livingroom), the original type of wooden floor,the terrazzo finishings(main hallway floor,staircase steps). Most of the walls were finished with textured protection mortar –classic technique related to the emerging year of the construction. We removed the existing plaster from the ground floor ceiling, and left the concrete slab exposed-a connection point with the one that built the house, and his occupation as a dam engineer.We chose a minimal approach towards the finishings and the color pallet, using items that do not draw your attention from the architectural space.The library item connects the groundfloor dinning area, to the 1'st floor livingroom area, becoming the SPINE of the house.The dining room table+adjacent couch are exagerated in length, and shape up an activity and socializing area that announces the upper floor livingroom space.

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