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Point independent theatre

București, România
Authors: arch. Călin Radu, arch. Dan Enache, arch. Ioana-Lavinia Stan, arch. Alice Ioniță / Lama Arhitectura
Collaborators: Confectii metalice: KRAUTZ Production
Plante: arh. peisagist Alexandru Gheorghe (POTECA Studio)

Authors’ Comment

This independent theater positions itself on a site with great personality, defining it, awakening memories. By doing so, it helps revive that specific urban area. The start-up for this project was the pixel (POINT) concept. We used it as a unit of measurement (module), thus generating a series of modular and multifunctional objects that helped obtain flexibility:the “bookcase” that contains, unifies and filters,the armchair that can turn into a table. These ended up enveloping and visually unifying the whole space, whilst separating and outlining certain areas. The ground floor has the function of a foyer and is also able to host cultural events.The basement works as a bar/club and sometimes as a performance room for unconventional plays.The actual theater hall in the mansard roof is a modern interpretation of a hall, stressing on flexibility. The yard defines itself as an extension of the foyer, especially during the warm seasons. The paradox inside the POINT project is that unity is achieved by fragmentation. The crude finishes, structures and installations, the 3D accentuated perception of space and volumes, balanced by vegetation, curved lines (details of the 19'th century), semi-opaque filters, the way lights and shadows are shed on the walls and the urban feel, gather up inside a non-conventional theater project.

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