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Single family residence Tolstoi st.

București, România
Authors: arch. Cristina Barna, arch. Sorin Diaconescu / Outline Architecture Office
Collaborators: Structura: ing. Rares Bentu ( Rantech Proiect )
Instalatii: ing. Radu Dolinski ( 3D Proiect )
Antreprenor general: Cella Cosimex

Authors’ Comment

The residence is built on a site that is part of the protected area no.57.
From a functional point of view the brief and the relative small area of the plot imposed a vertical development of the structure. The general principle in arranging the interior spaces was to visually connect them and to keep an easy access between adjacent rooms placed on platforms half a storey vertically separated. The living spaces are organized around a central void that extends to the top of the structure (the skylight), a void that articulates all the vertical and horizontal circulations. This principle is maintained in organizing the exterior terraces as well (sun-deck and green roof half a storey above). At the base of the void, in the “center” of the house a tree will be planted, living, growing as the house and it’s inhabitants evolve.
The materials used for the exterior and interior are natural, vibrating with small differences and imperfections (hand pressed brick and larch wood). The detailing and the planned gradual transitions between opaque and transparent surfaces, the repeating elements and their shade in changing daylight are all adding nuances to the simple monolithic volume of the house. All the exterior wood surfaces are untreated.

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