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  • Prize of the “Residential Architecture - Single Houses” section

House of Memories

Alexandria, jud. Teleorman, România
Author: arch. Simona Pribeagu / Birou de Arhitectura Simona Pribeagu Schmid
Collaborators: Patrick Schmid
Gabriel Pribeagu

Authors’ Comment

There was a small existing house on the plot, almost disappearing in the middle of a fruit and vegetable garden. A paradise.
The garden was left as it was, only the house was replaced by a new one: One single floor, all rooms connected to the outside - a garden house. Or just a typical Romanian rural house, attached to its ground.
The existing house was a traditional „casa wagon“ – a linear narrow volume along the border of the plot. The new design doubles up the old one: two narrow volumes house kitchen, sleeping rooms, office and lavatories. Between them lies a central living space that opens with big windows to both the front and the back garden. It is a kind of space that is not known in tradition: A garden room, a space for contemplation and leisure. Connecting inside and outside, but also traditional and modern life.
How can you build a solid and beautiful house, being limited to the catalogue of mainstream products and materials from the DIY-Store?
The use of colour, façade texturing and proportioning are employed to reinterpret traditional motives in a playful way. In this way the house establishes a connection to history and spirit of the site. It also awakes the clients’ memories of their own youth in idyllic rural places.

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