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București, România
Author: arch. Anton Eduard Chiș / X-TRA ART
Collaborators: Frățiman Monica ( X-TRA ART )
Irina Moise
Structura: ing. A Dejan Rizeanu ( CONSTRUCT GROUP)
Executant metal: Ovidiu Popan( VERTIGO METAL DESIGN )

Authors’ Comment

Order:house with framework
Maybe obvious, the land is in the old area called "bulgarian gardens" on the shore of Dambovita where the old village Dudesti Cioplea used to be.
During the conversation I presented the owner two masters and their creations Mrs.Delavrancea Gibory and Mr.Wright. We started to communicate and decided to aproach a solution where the image goes to a house structured on a widely used "formula" throughout time,but to lose official rigidity by a volumetrically change,aspiring to be absorbed in the natural environment where will live and open.
So,the relative rectangularity of the entrance is contradicted by its plan that retrospects and composes to uneven shape of the land, creating the support for breaking the rectangularity in the third dimension, inducing the transformation of the volume released from rectangularity and canons,decorations and details of the main space,purifying and preparing to come one with the garden,with young vegetation that will surround it, making a bridge between constructed and nature, all of this on the support given by the "iron natures" of the house,that become a leit-motif for its definition.

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