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Bran, jud. Brașov, România
Authors: arch. Paul Samsonescu, arch. Alexandru - Cristian Bălan / ONE DESIGN

Authors’ Comment

The generous site has 4700 sqm, near the forest and view made us establish right from our first visit at the future house. Preparing the road from the courtyard and placing the future house needed the excavation with a heavy equipment. On the site we brought a tracked excavator and a Crawler loader.
Behind the house we designed a support wall approximate 3 meters tall.
The presence of the river, picturesque for most of us, lead to the design and execution of a large drainage work of the terrain. The connection between the house and the pool area is an alee also excavated in the rock.
The elevations of the house are partially planked with thermal system. Because of the access, difficult to reach in case of any renovations we chose a composite material (Trespa) instead of a natural one. From the same reason we emphasized the roof and gutter with a bond material.

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