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Park View House

București, România
Authors: arch. Răzvan Florian Bârsan, arch. Alexandru Duca / Razvan Barsan + Partners
Collaborators: foto: Stelian Popa

Authors’ Comment

Situated in the vicinity of an urban park, this modern-contemporary home draws together residential architecture and the natural environment. The ground floor is emphasized through its fluidity and integration into a sustainable concept that provides a balanced, harmonious scenery. Thus the main interaction and social areas, found on the ground floor, open towards the garden and the park through large glazed windows. These elements create a lean transition from the built to the natural environment, thus preserving the area’s integrity and revealing the importance of the natural environment for an urban community. The architects of this residential project define a new way of living in urban areas, a style that combines the advantages of living in a big city with the tranquility and privacy emerging from a close connection to nature.

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