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București, România
Authors: Ana Maria Mureșanu, arch. Octavian Eremia, urb. Andi Carligianu / DACRA STUDIO SRL
Collaborators: Structura: ing. Tudor Marius - CUANTUM DESIGN
Constructor: AGS Construct

Authors’ Comment

In the midst of the hectic urban development, the historical city’s aesthetics has slowly faded under layers of modern architectural styles, expressions of personalities and social aims. Architecture itself is a social manifesto, a juxtaposition of conflicts and compromises, which results in an ‘object’ designed for people. BOLOGA 6 House is an ‘object’ that rose from such a juxtaposition, within a family’s choice. The choice was between the various urban images that the city provides, from which they identified with the neo-romanesc style.
Inside a small “urban island” that escaped the historical transformations, the building is an experiment, a contemporary version of a historical architecture style. Under the exterior aesthetics of the building and its massive volume, the building is simple. Reinforced concrete structure, thermal efficient brick, simple and economical exterior glazing system, solid mineral wool, simple exterior white finish, ceramic tiles and exterior decorations made from wood, white cement and polystyrene.
The OBJECT becomes the experiment. Aesthetics in this context becomes an experiment. Interior space and what it contains, becomes an experiment. The architecture style generates expectations, and the final result is just a beautiful “object” for people.

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