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House under the skies

București, România
Author: arch. Raluca Boroș / SC Roof Architecture SRL
Collaborators: Structura: SC Estacons Proiect SRL
Instalatii: ing. Cristina Ghita, ing. Dan Patenteu
Fotografii: arh. Andrei Margulescu

Authors’ Comment

"give me a piece of sky and I will built you a house"
The project represents our response regarding the dialogue between the site, a completely opaque facade and a young and discreet family.
Consequently, the appearance of the house is the result of a trenchant negotiation with the site. The need for coexistence of two volumes - led to a volumetric integrator gesture embodied by taking over and translating existing horizontal openings on the main façade.
The intimate relationship between inner and outer space generated the overall composition. The windows are conformed in such a manner that the favorable outlook of the street participates in the indoor environment.
The lateral façade breaks in the entrance area, punctuated by an edge-shell deviating from the vertical line. The cutouts create transition levels between public and private space.
Last-level retreats modestly from the vertical plane of the facade leaving room for a generous terrace.
Without trying to get to the center of attention or to declare a spectacular architecture, this housing has managed to understand the nature and the vicinity of the place where it is supposed to sit on.

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