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Sibiu, jud. Sibiu, România
Authors: arch. Alexandru Cristian, arch. Ioana - Vanda Cristian / DAEDALUS PROIECT
Collaborators: Arh. Mihaela CIOLACHE, Arh. Darius DRAGOI, Arh. Alexandra MINEA, Arh. Petru LALUT

Authors’ Comment

This house is inspired by the Romanian traditional architecture of the villages around Transylvania, architecture that relies almost exclusively on wood as the main construction material. The pitched roof covered in the same traditional way with “şita” (shingles) shelter two levels with sleeping areas while the ground floor belongs to the dinning and living rooms.
An important element preserved from the traditional architecture is prispa (the porch), with its important role of marking the transition from the outside to the inside while creating a covered, protected outside space for rest or work. It continues with an large open terrace with a superb panorama over the town of Sibiu.
The concrete basement has an important role in preserving and managing the cranberry production from the surrounding plantation.
Superstructure and closures are made solely of wood. Outdoor (terrace railing curtain facade) was used a special wood, treated by acetylation with a high resistance to environmental factors.

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