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H+A residence

București, România
Author: arch. Răzvan Lăcraru / Lăcraru și Lăcraru Arhitecți Asociați

Authors’ Comment

Set in a residential park with restricted access, this residence is a composition of simple volumes, modeled around the functions required by a young and very creative couple.
The entrance is also emphasized by a clear volume, 'modeled' in wood. The patios, the swimming pool, the entrance alley are all volumes meant to connect the build volume to the site as coherent as possible. Functional elements, such as the technical pavilion (for the meters and the trash cans), the fence and the sheds are all thought as design objects meant to complement the volume of the house, not to act as parasites of the courtyard.
The interior, functional, without being absurd in size, is dominated by white. The lighting is done as discretely as possible, using mainly indirect light, thus allowing the house to "illuminate itself".
The staircase was conceived as a sculptural element as well as a contrasting one from a chromatic point of view, but stylistically coherent and a source of order from a spatial point of view.

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