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House I

București, România
Authors: arch. Ștefan Alberto Bianco, arch. Cătălina Nechifor, arch. Alexandra Aramă, arch. Radu Rechițeanu / Prographic Architectura Studio
Collaborators: Proiectanti structura:D&C EXPERT PROIECTARE STRUCTURI
Ing. Marian Cazacu, Ing. Renato Dumitrescu
Proiectanti instalatii:GENERAL INSTAL COMP
Ing. Bogdan Popescu, Ing. Octavian Mare, Ing. Ionut Biro, Ing. Marius Briciu

Authors’ Comment

The concept of the project was centered around the wishes of a young family to benefit from as much green space as the plot would allow it, in a direct relation to the inside, in order to maximize the interior perception of the space, while maintaining the intimacy of the home relative the street area. For this purpose we opted for a U shaped configuration of the ground floor, with a main garden developed along the southern side and a secondary green lawn on the western side.
The children's bedrooms, the office and the storage spaces are distributed on the northern side, while the dining room, the kitchen and living room are located in the west wing, the latter being bordered on both sides by green space. The garage encloses the ground floor, protecting the garden from the street, providing an excellent space for projections.
The glass corridor, which is very wide, allowing all members of the family access to the garden and serving as a play-area as well, functions, along with the wooden staircase, as a back-bone for the home. The first floor is limited in volume compared to the ground floor, and is destined for the parent’s suite.

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