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LM House

Bolintin-Vale, jud. Giurgiu, România
Authors: arch. Iulian Oanță, arch. Xenia Oanță / ixstudio
Collaborators: Structura: ing. Anton Nicolae
Instalații: ing. Ștefan Tartar

Authors’ Comment

This house reflect the owner's admiration for Frank Lloyd Wright's architecture, resulting in a volume developed as much as possible on horizontal line, emphasizing the roof structure and a clear separation of registers. House spaces are visualy articulated on a vertical axis - a volume opaque wich hides some trails of ventilation and the fireplace's chimney. The facade is strongly shaped and bounded at the top by deep eaves . The volume of the house on the ground floor is completed by large terraces at the entrance and for the living area , bounded by tall trellises - items meant to emphasize even more the " horizontality " of the composition.

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