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The Lake House

Dublin, Irlanda
Authors: arch. Max O'Flaherty, arch. Olivia Safer / Aughey O'Flaherty Architects
Collaborators: Structura: Casey O'Rourke Associates
Executant: Smithcon Building Contractors

Authors’ Comment

This is a proposal for a new tailor made home on a spectacular site by the sea in Howth, with views of Lambay Island and Ireland’s Eye. The site is located on the north side of Howth peninsula, a protected special area of conservation; it is bounded by the dunes of Burrow beach to the north and contains a large lake to the south.
The proposed dwelling is long and thin and measures approx. 30 meters long x 6 metres wide. It is elevated to comply with the Council’s flooding policy. Its south eastern corner cantilevers out over the lake, while its foundations are set back to avoid the lake edge. Its roof is pitched upwards to maximize sunlight and avail of passive solar gain. This roof pitch reduces the height and minimises the impact on the more sensitive beach elevation. The result is a long dual aspect building. The house has an east west orientation, with a kink in geometry at its centre. This ‘points’ to the entrance on the inner side and expands the panorama on the beach side. There is a pedestrian access from the house to the beach through the dunes along the northern boundary. This sets up the back door opposite the front door at the centre of the house.