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Between forest and lake - country house

Gruiu, jud. Ilfov, România
Author: arch. Remus Hârșan / Graphic Studio
Collaborators: structura: ing Ana Maria Popa Ductil Tech Structuri
instalatii: MC General Construct

Authors’ Comment

Designing a house on a big empty plot, seems to be an easy job. But it isn't. Sometimes is easier to do a house in the middle of a city where you have more conditions to accomplished. In this case the landscape is helping us (the slope, the forest, the lake), but it is in the same time a huge responsibility. Finally we chosed to do a ground floor house - perfect for architectural theme. The insertion was made through fragmentation in plan and volume. All elements string naturally on the slopes generating a calm sliding, in harmony with the green nearness. This impression is generated also by the different heights of the volumes. Finishing materials and lightning methods offer unity. The house is opening to the natural landscape.The interior space continues outside, beyond the architectural limits, even the most remote elements participate to general scenography. The large windows through the lake are offering this opportunity meanwhile, backwards, through the forest and the road, the house creates intimacy with rhythmic windows.

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