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Outdoor Cafe on the Banks of Bega

Outdoor Cafe on the Banks of Bega

Authors: arh. Răzvan Lăcraru, arh. Mihaela Lăcraru
Firm: Lăcraru & Lăcraru Arhitecți Asociați

Authors’ Comment

A lot right on the banks of Bega, in Timișoara, with expressive urban landscapes to frame... Which is why we designed a composition of three-dimensional frames that de-pixelate and defragment in all three dimensions into the inner courtyard, a courtyard that can also be accessed from the opposite direction to Bega.
The windows that face the inner courtyard can all be opened, and in an ulterior phase of the project, regarding the design of the interior space, both the inside and the outside will work together as one, without clear boundaries between them, just as the upper terrace melts towards the inner courtyard.

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