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HLB Brewery

HLB Brewery

Authors: arh. Răzvan Lăcraru, arh. Mihaela Lăcraru
Firm: Lăcraru & Lăcraru Arhitecți Asociați

Authors’ Comment

Recipe for a conversion: take one 19th century factory wreck in downtown Ploiești, allow the industrial architecture to ferment, on a brick base and turn it into a brewery with a terrace. Industrial, entertainment and elegance. Good ingredients to enjoy a cold beer. Designed before the 2020 pandemic, this brewery could accommodate 1,040 beer lovers. Following the new social distancing measures the capacity is reduced to approx. 600 seats.
The masonry structure is reinforced with metal profiles, profiles that we also molded into bay windows with glass floors, so as to superimpose the industrial exposed brick with the industrial glass.

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