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BTG26 Apartment Building

București, România
Authors: arch. Răzvan Lăcraru, arch. Mihaela Lăcraru / LĂCRARU & LĂCRARU ARHITECȚI ASOCIAȚI (B.I.A. LĂCRARU M. Răzvan)
Collaborators: Structură: GEOMETRIC STUDIO

Authors’ Comment

Entering Bucharest, within a developing area, one passes the site of this project, an efficient apartment building placed within a dense urban fabric. We designed a volume that decomposes itself into a multitude of boxes, thusly reducing the overall scale of the apartment building. All these boxes that brake away from the main volume and which are in fact balconies, loggias, the entrance and cantilevered rooms, are emphasized and uplifted by wooden plating and streaks of light.
We adopted this scale reduction vocabulary to ease the transition from the still existing one or two level structures to the new apartment buildings.

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