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Studio Alex

București, România
Author: arch. Radu Cristian Rădulescu / ARhit / BIA Radulescu Radu
Collaborators: Atelierele Bogman

Authors’ Comment

The studio belongs to an old friend. Every studio is hard to arrange because it benefits from little natural light, and storage needs to be resolved by re-partitioning or well-designed furniture.
The design is industrial, with large portions of gray brick wall. The combination of colors and materials consists in black metal frames, gray brick and wood.
To create storage spaces, a dressing room was created at the entrance. An additional closet, facing the entrance door, leads to the living room. At the exit of the room a mirror gives the impression of generous space and light.
At first we thought about taking down the wall between the small kitchen and the room, but we choose to keep it in order to separate the kitchen from the bedrooman . The solution was partitioning through a glass wall that visually joins the kitchen space with the room.
For the bed I choose to hide it in one of the side walls of the room,in the furniture. The room is simply furnished so that there is enough room for maneuver to epend the bed in the evening , but also for daytime conversation. The furniture was also designed to provide office space.

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