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Neamt county gate

jud. Neamț, România
Authors: arch. Elena Ștefănescu Marcu, arch. Aina Constantin, Andrei Ștefănescu / studio ae (atelier sea s.r.l.)

Authors’ Comment

This project is proposing a study on the element marking the limits of Neamt County. The goal was to express the area's identity through the entry / exit points of the county, which would become representative of the local values.
Neamț, as the nucleus of Moldavia, is a central territory with an important function in the synthesis and transmission of culture. The territory of Neamţ has several nuclei - monuments, museum complexes, archaeological sites, reserves and natural landscapes.
As a result of the analysis, the proposal marks the opening of the Neamt territory with two face-to-face elements, similar but perceived differently by their rotated position. The access is highlighted by the gate as asymbol, this being the only mobile architectural element of a wall that allows passage. To enhance verticality, the proposed gate does not have a horizontal physical element, the border being the territory of Neamt. The volumetry - a whole divided into two - suggests the idea here / beyond, before / after the limit, out / inside - faces of the same thing.
As a result we have an object that has two different faces depending on the path of the person entering or leaving the territory.

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