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Mega Image - Sema Parc

București, România
Authors: arch. Elena Ștefănescu Marcu, Andrei Ștefănescu, arch. Liviu-Vlad Moraru / Studio AE (Atelier SEA S.R.L.)
Collaborators: coordonator proiect: arh. Raluca Lazăr
structură: ing. Cătălin Ion
instalații: Ace Tech Consulting s.r.l.
construcții: Con pol ro serv s.r.l.
fotografii: Prodan Sabin

Authors’ Comment

Sema City is an ansamble of new office buildings and old converted buildings with mixed functions. Located in a former 1920 redecorated and reinforced warehouse, the store has the advantage of a spectacular structural geometry: double height, siding, two-sided access, brick details and framed windows.
By arranging and organizing the space, we developed a new concept for Mega Apetit and we assured the Mega Apetit zone to be as visible as possible and to be close to access. The brick from the outside is found inside, the chosen model for the tile has the bricks proportion and the orange panels bring color to the interior. The specific functions for baking the bread, warm food, appetizers and drinks are located around the central area which contain self-service displays.
The colored products are highlighted by the white used on various textures of materials: expanded sheet metal ceiling, resinous wood, plexiglass, tile, metal frames.
This project took into account the general context of the existent space and adapted the brand specific elements for a coherent approach.

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