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Fresh Bazar

Fresh Bazar

Authors: arh. Elena Stefanescu-Marcu, arh. Andrei Stefanescu, arh. Aina Constantin
Firm: Studio ae

Structure project: ing. Relu Iordan (House Impact SRL)
Beneficar: arh. Liliana Panzar (Mega Image SRL)
Project manager: Marcel Feraru
Photo: Sabin Prodan (Trying to do Art)

Authors’ Comment

Location: no 29, Apusului street, 6th district, Bucharest
Surface: 106 m2
Context: The close proximity of two similar commercial spaces in an urban setting determined that one of those would be transformed into a new store with a new concept. This store is destined for anyone who wants to try a new kind of commercial space with an appealing new image based on natural and fresh products.
Concept: The interior was made to be very different from the old store’s design. It is based on the idea of a „mini marketplace” found at the corner of a block of flats. The main message was that this type of store was to be friendly and personal, with fresh handmade elements.
Project description: The interior space with this small surface of only 106 sqm is divided into two main areas. The first one situated at the entry is marked by one central space with fruits and vegetables displayed on custom made shelves. Towards the façade, the shelf has a product-exposing face and a decorated back towards the street. The display cases and the register are on the outskits of the room. The second half of the store was designed with the same idea in mind: the center is to be occupied by custom made shelves which are reminiscent of “scariță” – a type of furniture used by grandmothers in the rural areas. The yellow lighting fixures accentuate some important zones and make a striking contrast with the blue of the walls. The biggest challenge of this project was to create an intimate and personal atmosphere of “micro marketplace” in the heart of the urban city, in a space that is to be also designed by standards.

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