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Architecture office studio ae

București, România
Authors: arch. Elena Ștefănescu Marcu, arch. Aina Constantin, Andrei Ștefănescu / atelier sea s.r.l.
Collaborators: constructii: Inside Logistic s.r.l.
fotografii: Prodan Sabin

Authors’ Comment

Located in the Creative District, the new space of the studio ae architecture office has advantages and opportunities that have guided the interior design.
The existent building is located on the corner, at the intersection between the Crișana and Horațiu streets and has three glazed facades which provide visibility to old buildings. The office space is located on the high ground floor of this building and occupies the entire floor, about 80 sqm.
On the inside, the initial partition was modified, while a wall was kept for closing the kitchenette and for delimiting the meeting room with a glass wall. In that way the place was divided in two big spaces: open office space and common space (the meeting room, multi functional table and the kitchenette).
To emphasize the dynamism of the glazed facade and to facilitate the communication and also the visibility to the exterior, the desks were disposed as islands and objects like printers, cabinets and bookcases are placed in the marginal points of the office area.
The new studio ae architecture office has an open, brighten and functional space which stimulates the creativity, socialization and performance.

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