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Upgrade Cotroceni Market

Upgrade Cotroceni Market

Authors: arh. Elena Ștefănescu – Marcu, arh. Andrei Ștefănescu, arh. Anca Neculoiu, stud. arh. Oana Constantinescu, stud. arh. Crina Koczo
Firm: StudioAE

arh. Dana Rusu - coordonator proiect din partea beneficiarului
Project manager: Adrian Kirițoiu - DAS Strategic Project
Structure project: ing. Relu Iordan - House Impact SRL
plumbing: ACE Tech Consulting SRL
Builder: Consstar Construct SRL
Client: Mega Image SRL
Photo: Sabin Prodan (Trying to do Art)

Authors’ Comment

Surface=1790 m²
The building containing this commercial space is located in Cotroceni neighborhood, in Bucharest. It was built in the ‘80s and always served the purpose of an agroalimentary complex, being part of a series of constructions colloquially named “Hunger circuses”. Cotroceni Market is a two storey building which holds elements of great potential: a double height area with a mezzanine and a barrel vault skylight.
The motivation of this project was to continue respecting the buildings main purpose, by organizing a revitalized commercial space.
The objectives were to improve and modernize this space. The main facade was cleaned out of the strong colors, which were unsuitable for the neighborhood where the building is located, and the main entrance was marked by plating the framing pillars with backlit perforated metal sheets and replacing the awning.
In the interior, the old skylight, which, after the passing of time and repeatedly getting improvised repairs, hardly allowed any natural light to pass through, was replaced, and other modifications were done with the purpose of optimizing the space. The existing mezzanine was extended and an elevator for the clients was added. The geometry of the stairs was changed, keeping most part of the existing stairs. The new stairs were finished using traditional terrazzo flooring, but using modern techniques. The metal railing was replaced with a parapet, plated with slate stone on the interior side, guiding the clients towards the mezzanine, which is marked by the same natural stone.
We sought ways to use the full potential of the natural light this space benefits of, therefore a dimming system was used, this way artificial light is adjusted according to the influx of natural light.
The linear structure of the existing skylight inspired the introduction of a light fixture ensemble in the register area, creating thus a balance between sunlight and artificial light.
Regarding the chromatics, white and anthracite grey emphasize the wooden elements, which are specific to the client’s concepts, maintaining an aired and bright space.
The new design respects the existing building and improves the quality of the area’s commercial space, raising a commercial space from the ‘80s to current standards in a very short time, as work on the construction site lasted only 10 weeks. The work on the site began and ended during the pandemic: the client, the designers, the engineers and constructors all working efficiently together in safe conditions.

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