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Geberit Headquarters

Geberit Headquarters

Authors: arh. Elena Ștefănescu-Marcu, arh. Andrei Ștefănescu, Marius Manea
Atelier SEA SRL/studio ae

structura: ing. Relu Iordan (House Impact SRL)
instalații: ing. Adrian Călin (Ace Tech Consulting SRL)
constructor: Inside Logistic SRL

Beneficiar: Geberit International AG România

Authors’ Comment

Geberit is European leader in the field of sanitary products, quality renowned, with a story starting in Switzerland in 1874. The first lead-lined wooden cistern was invented by the Gerbert brothers in 1905. The headquarter accommodates the showroom, the meeting room and the offices. The concept started from the idea of "naked bathroom" and sustainability. The showroom and the toilets exhibit the ceramic products and the pieces usually hidden structure, basin, pipes, accessories. The lighting accentuates the glow of the ceramic products. As background the finishes are textured, harsh, quiet.

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