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Mega Apetit - Shop&Go

București, România
Authors: arch. Elena Ștefănescu Marcu, Andrei Ștefănescu, arch. Liviu-Vlad Moraru / Studio AE (Atelier SEA S.R.L.)
Collaborators: coordonator proiect: arh. Roxana Sobaru
structura: ing. Relu Iordan
instalații: Solid proiect s.r.l.
construcții: Con pol ro serv s.r.l.
fotografii: Prodan Sabin

Authors’ Comment

In 2017 Mega Image has launched a new concept Shop&Go store which sells cooked food, under the Mega Apetit brand. The first store opened in Plaza Romania commercial center in Bucharest.
The idea of the urban kitchen in which the customer is easily navigating, quickly finding the ingredients and feeling like a chef, is at the base of the design concept. The central island is the space around which the perimetric niches are organized. Every niche has a specific color and function. The route that one follows in the space easies the choice of a complex menu composed from appetizers, main course, drinks and dessert.
Every zone is easily identified: appetizers zone, bread zone and cooked food, sushi and drinks. The colors corelate with the activity from each zone and help the customer to orientate easily in “the urban kitchen”.
The lighting fixtures contribute by marking the spaces in which the customer interacts with the store staff and the central table is defined by a lighted soffit. The materials are boldly placed side by side: bright colors, wood textures, expanded plate, stencils applied to furniture.
The created atmosphere stimulates new gastronomic experiences.

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