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# in public space

Sibiu, jud. Sibiu, România
Authors: arch. Elena Ștefănescu Marcu, Andrei Ștefănescu, arch. Liviu-Vlad Moraru / Studio AE (Atelier SEA S.R.L.)

Authors’ Comment

Along with the protests of 2017, the invisible network materialized in public space through the free expression of people. By overcoming the conventional physical limit, the virtual dimension of cities has become evident. Sociologist Manuel Castells published in 1996 "The Rise of the Network Society" in which he presents the idea of space as a flow.
The project, # in public space, proposes a solution through which the information layer takes shape in public space. The blue reflective color is associated with social media channels and supports the idea of the virtual dimension. The painted elements always keep the idea of social dialogue.
„#”- an informational and dynamic symbol that gathers common thoughts in virtual media, becomes physical and the central element of the design. The movable benches allow participants to propose different scenarios depending on the event. These are an experiment on the use of the common good, and in their absence the "#" symbol will keep the memory of the events.
The power movement generated by social media becomes highlighted by a strong gesture in public space that contrasts with the existing.

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