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House by the lake - extension of existing home

București, România
Authors: arch. Elena Ștefănescu Marcu, Andrei Ștefănescu, st.arch. Marius Manea / Studio ae/ atelier sea s.r.l

Authors’ Comment

The house by the lake benefits of an advantageous context: east orientation to Fundeni Lake, terrain descending to the water, aquatic vegetation.
The house by the lake is an extension of existing house, it is a space for supplementary functions for living, needs that appeared in time.
The continuity between the natural environment and building is obtained thought the proposed materials: wood for structure and facades, thatch for the roof. For facades, recuperated wood can be used.
Towards the street, the volume is compact, the wood situated in different plans creates a rhythm of shades. The house is opened toward the lake and garden.

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