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Holver showroom - Timișoara branch

Remetea, jud. Timiș, România
Authors: arch. Raluca Cismărescu – Autor, arch. Ștefania Bobaru – Autor, arch. Elena-Codina Dușoiu – Colaborator / Holver
Collaborators: Romvitrine, Arhiteknium

Authors’ Comment

Holver: "Wood is our world".
From a technically oriented space into a modern and cozy one, where raw materials and technology work together. Neutral finishes were chosen for the floors (parquet: solid, light-colored laminate, grained vinyl) and walls (parquet, Three-layer spruce panels, CLT wall, acrylic MDF).Exposed as finished products: ~ 180 materials and decorations: 3D panels (MDF Virtuell), thermoformed Corian®, stone veneer, walnut wood, transverse veneer, DUO beams, heat treated wood, Fundermax panels, veneered MDF/chipboard, plywood, MDF, HPL and laminated chipboard, etc.The implementation of the project aimed to have the subsidiary functioning during the works. Initially, the ground floor was cleared, moving the offices upstairs. The rest of the floor was divided between the technical area and the showroom. On the ground floor, the terraces were brought into the interior, at a concrete level by fitting the terrace profiles, and symbolically by pergolas and outdoor furniture. The light panels suggest the idea of an X-ray of wood and highlight its anatomy in cross-section. Mobile panels between chat rooms offer intimacy and exposure space for veneered boards.

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