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Interior Design Arkadia Cafe

Interior Design Arkadia Cafe

Authors: Arh. Int Toma Maria Otilia, Arh. Ilarie Nicolae Eduard Epure, arh. int. Beatrice Fleur Kutolbena
Firm: S.C. Fast Forward S.R.L.

Client: Scarlat Dan (sc. MIGDALOCAKE S.R.L.)
Builder: Mohamed Ali Jallali (TUNIS-SFAX S.R.L.)

Authors’ Comment

Interior Design Arkadia Cafe 2018 year 2018, area: 75mp

The purpose of the arrangement was to insert a new way of presenting the Arkadia confectionery chain. The space in which the arrangement was made is limited, thus resulting in a challenge at a functional level. Everything has been designed for its efficiency, the showcases and functions taking a inclined direction in the blueprints based on the principle "form follows function".
This concept was also taken over in the realization of the bench (main element).
Everything was implemented in a relatively short time and with visible results so that now we can all enjoy a coffee together at Arkadia CAFE! :)