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Authors: arh. Eliza Yokina, arh. Irina Plopeanu
Firm: Cumulus

Photo: Radu Matei
Client: Amiato Beauty SRL

Authors’ Comment

CO-FI is an urban cafe and bistro with its specific - freshly roasted coffee in-house. The space is organized as follows: the bar area for roasting and preparing coffee and drinks, making sandwiches, croissants, brownies and so on. Although the cafe has a total area of 65 square meters, it is a welcoming space that manages to create moments for enjoying coffee. The sitting area consists of tables with upholstered benches, tables and chairs in the outdoor courtyard and the bench on the facade facing the street. On a neutral aesthetic background in shades of white and gray, color accents and textures are projected: the furniture in vibrant colors and the rhythmicity of the bar finish in natural shades, a finish that is also used in cladding a wall of a sitting niche. Warm finishes such as wood, along with warm light and abundant vegetation complete the welcoming portrait of the space. Metallic geometric elements in neutral colors are supports for plants, but also spaces for displaying products. The keywords that define the brand are: Urban, Natural, Original, Light, Amusing, Manual, Handcrafted, Community, Passion, Professionalism, Optimism, Essential, Authentic, True.

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