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Baristor Coffee Place
  • Nomination for the “Interior Space Architecture / HoReCa Design” section

Baristor Coffee Place

Authors: arh. Ștefan Prigoreanu, arh. Teodora-Laura Brîncuș, arh. Anda-Manuela Zota

Photo: Cosmin Dragomir

Authors’ Comment

Baristro is about community. A space dictated by planimetry where I placed the longest table in Carol Park that serves in one end, fresh bread, eggs, avocado and specialty coffee, and at the other end gathers friends. For us, Baristro meant an exercise in materiality and possible interactions, a space to gather and invite to socialize. We used natural materials, colors, textures that resonated with the owners. Ceramics, oak, raw or painted metal, concrete, we wanted to put them in a comfortable dialogue for a social space. The owners' total trust in us did not require a (philosophical) explanation of a concept, although we knew together that we might be starting from an olive tree as a symbol or just a presence. You will not find elements that make a direct connection with the olive, at most maybe a potted tree, but you will find a natural atmosphere, comfortable, warm and full of geometry soaked in familiar smells and tastes.
We also wanted to express the idea of ​​community through the logo. The idea of ​​gathering people, ideas, pro-contra opinions or typologies of people is found in the treatment of characters and their concentric assembly.

Jury Comments

Baristro is a quaint little local coffee shop founded on family and community values. OBLIC studio was able to work very close with the client and thereby embody their desire to create a public space that serves as an extension of their private home. It's a place frequented by friends and family as well as the general public, and the design very much transmits this feeling. The design is very well executed with great attention to detail. The level of detail creates a continuous journey into the relationship between form, function and materiality. This ensures that even though the design is simple, it's profound in its solutions.

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