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Vivo Fusion Food Bar

Vivo Fusion Food Bar

Authors: arh. Dragos Epure, arh. Alexandru Niculescu, arh. Catalin Ivanov, arh. Gianina Toader, arh. Simina Dimcea
Firm: Metropolis Architecture

Client: Vivo Fusion Food Bar
Photo: Bogdan Moise

Authors’ Comment


"Vivo Fusion" is the place where a gradation from hot to cold was achieved, a fusion between wood and glass. The binder between the 2 typologies is represented by the "copper" metal, a cold material to the touch but with qualities and the appearance of a warm material.
The fluidity of the spatial composition is continued by using a glass brick wall made with parametric techniques, resulting in a curved organic surface.
The space is constantly rediscovered through the different types of areas created, supported by light that gives a comfortable environment to the space.
The concept of the arrangement comes from the restaurant's name "fusion" and is materialized by combining the types of materials used and the fluency of architectural elements such as the ceiling and the glass brick wall resembling a wave.

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