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Authors: arh. Cristina Caradim, arh. Radu Caradim, arh. Andreea Istrate, arh. Irina Pandele, arh. Emanuel Budăieș-Tânăru
Firm: Studio 2.1

Photo: Andrei Tudoran

Authors’ Comment

Oh! Salad is a new Romanian brand, a restaurant that offers a variety of menus and healthy dishes, as an alternative to fast food. This is the first restaurant opened in the food court area of the Auchan Drumul Taberei shopping center. The project consisted in outlining the entire brand - from choosing the name and motto, outlining the logo, creating menus, to the versatile design that can be replicated and adapted to other spaces. The dominant elements are inspired by the concept of healthy food - hence the fresh, friendly image, outlined with the help of plant elements, wood textures and terrazzo, but also from the interior of an authentic kitchen, through the wall "sprinkled" with all kinds of utensils and accessories for cooking.

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