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Maxbet Casino Baneasa

Maxbet Casino Baneasa

Authors: arh. Vadim Ionescu, arh. Karin Reus

Builder: Selirom Construct
Lighting: Caralux

Authors’ Comment

The concept is made for the first premium location of the Maxbet casino chain and is located in Bucharest in Băneasa Shopping City.
A visual identity and brand image were created by using several interconnected design elements.
It was intended to induce an atmosphere in which the client is transposed into a timeless world.
Massive and spectacular elements are used such as the solid geometric suspended ceiling, the stainless steel separator with leather elements for tactile sensations and plexiglass for dynamic lighting, the solid backlit onyx wall, the large circular chandelier in the Vip area, the polymorphic pillars in hi- macs, large stretch membrane ceiling, backlit perforated plexiglass plywood combined with wallpaper in various designs.
The play of geometric elements is present throughout the space from wall orientations to design elements, including the reception and the large bar made of hi-macs with stainless steel, leather and plexiglass inserts.

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