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Lanach Flavours

Lanach Flavours

Authors: arh. Csilla Negoiță, arh. Diana-Adina Nine, arh. Laura-Maria Ruxăndescu
Firm: SC Letics Atelier SRL

plumbing: ing. Ana Micata (A&B Favorit)
Builder: Mastership
Client: LLCM Retail Partners SRL

Authors’ Comment

Lanach Flavours is a high-end bistro, with healthy and quality products. Lanach’s concept is based on three current trends:
1. pleasure of superior taste;
2. authenticity, through the premium quality of the ingredients;
3. the value of a healthy treat.
Lanach Flavours aims to recreate the beloved childhood tastes, through a future kitchen context, with low gluten content and natural sugars.
Our client’s main objectives were: quality ingredients, unique and innovative flavours, a great location with a creative and beautiful design.
We aimed to create a place where you can pamper yourself, where you can recharge your batteries after a walk in the park, have a quick business meeting or have breakfast in the morning before work. Keeping all these in mind, we considered that the best values for this concept are: Sophistication, Refinement, Delight, Self-esteem and Quality.
The concept design reflects these values through colors and textures. The Blush pink and Rose Gold represent love, delight, and refinement, leaving the Blue, Navy and Royal Blue to symbolize the quality, trust, self-esteem and sophistication of the brand.
Combined with natural textures like wood, stone and concrete, these elements enhance each other, creating a high-end location to serve delicious and healthy treats.
From the general plan distribution point of view, the space was limited considering the requirements of the client (serving ans sales area, annex spaces, meeting area and office area). We were this way obliged to create more usable space, by introducing an intermediate level, considering the height of the space. The serving and sales area, together with the meeting room, have the free full height of 5.20m, and the annex spaces are bunked with the office space.

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