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Hilton Garden Inn Otopeni

Hilton Garden Inn Otopeni

Authors: arh. Elena Dragu, arh. Corina Nicolae, arh. Andra Jugănaru, arh. Andrei Cumpănășoiu, arh. Ioana Penescu, arh. Marina Păsărin, arh. Laura Parghel
Firm: Cumulus

Project Management: Optim Project Management
Structure project: Erigo Engineering
Proiectare Mep: Mc General Construct
Builder: Nortek
Consultant studii acustice: Akukon
Consultant bucătărie: Sds Group
Client: Apex Alliance Aero 5

Authors’ Comment

Hilton Garden Inn is the second hotel in Romania that belongs to the Hilton Garden Inn brand. With a total area of about 14.000 sqm, the building is the first airport-hotel by the Hilton Garden Inn brand in Romania and it is part of a mixed development complex near Henri Coandă International Airport called Airport City Park Bucharest, being located at approximately 150 m from the departure terminal.
The hotel has 218 rooms, 5 conference halls and a 130-seat restaurant, with basement, ground floor and 3 floors and hosts functions such as hotel, offices, multifunctional retail spaces, services, and parking.
The interior design is mainly inspired by all those visual sensations and perceptions that you experience during flight: almost unreal aerial views of the earth, intense colors of the sky, the obliquity of the horizon line. At a detailed level, we aimed to bring a subtle retro and tactile note, inspired by the image of the grooves on the planes’ fuselage and by the suits of the first pilots, with their specific helmets and leather jackets.
The propeller becomes a leitmotif of the interior design, it is both an aviation symbol as well as a strong design element. This symbol is present in the room’s artwork, as well as in the public areas in the form of lighting fixtures. Another source of inspiration was the poetic image of a distorted horizon, which is subtly hidden in the geometry of the finishes as an oblique line which divides the interior in two registers as well as in the chromatic palette, accentuating the contrast up-down, sky-ground.
As a part of a 4-star brand, the hotel has been designed in a simple style, cozy, clean and bright and the predominance of the green color perfectly fits into this smooth style.

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