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Muzz Bistro

Muzz Bistro

Authors: arh. int. Ștefania Bobaru, arh. int. Alexandra Diana Onel, arh. int. Andrei George Dobrea, arh. Alexandra Tiță
Firm: VIM studio

Mobilier: Mobistar
graphic design: Cai verzi pe pereți

Authors’ Comment

Where the industrial giants of the past give way to new housing and trade estates, Muzz appears as a welcoming stop on a long boulevard still in development.

From the entrance, the place pleasantly surprises the visitors with its warm atmosphere, inviting both people who care about privacy and those who are open to socializing. Everything is harmonized in a well-articulated composition: furniture is rotated on several planes and decorated in wood textures, and the finishes create a scene in which people become the center of attention.

The social dimension of the arrangement is completed by the historical one, Muzz being not only a simple place for socialization and relaxation, but also a gallery that keeps fixed the memory of the former industrial ensemble to which the destinies of thousands of people were connected.

The tractor - the symbol of Brasov's industry - becomes a graphic evocation, a tribute to the past, composed in playful notes.

From a chromatic point of view, the arrangement is dominated by colors from the gray palette, accentuated by red inserts or woody textures, painting a slightly industrial image.

The space benefits from an abundance of natural light and large glazed surfaces, which enhances the aesthetic qualities of the materials used.

At the same time, both glazed areas have been equipped with bar-type living facilities. The social space is completed by the terrace of the place where people can enjoy the company of others outdoors.

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