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B.S. Apartment

B.S. Apartment

Authors: arh. Patricia Laslau
Firm: B.A.H.A. – Birou de Arhitectura Home Ambiance SRL

Mobilier: Movi design
Iluminat: ARN store
Photo: Vlad Creteanu

Authors’ Comment

Placed on the edge of the beach, the apartment located on the Black Sea, was thought of as an oasis of escape for the beneficiaries of the great agglomeration of the capital, where they live every day. The apartment was intended as an antidote to city life, with its entry, kitchen, reading, dining and living areas all combined into one bright, calm space. The project focuses on creating a light-filled open space with a palette of tactile materials to form sensory warmth and relaxation. The selective materials and lighting fixtures evoke the owner's memories of his Mediterranean retreats during travels.
I started with the concept of arrangement from the irrefutable qualities of the view offered by the location of the apartment. The living room has very generous windows, on two sides - south and west, where you can see the sea. So, I took advantage of the fact that the space is flooded with natural light and bathed in sunlight, throughout the day, but also the client's desire that the arrangement reflects as much as possible the spirit of the place, and I created a living area that looks wrapped in white sails (reminiscent of sailing boats). Hence the option for white natural linen curtains and white sofa. Against this background wrapped in white canvases, the only ones that stand out in the composition are the minimalist and linear lighting fixtures, which make us think of fishing rods.
This type of living room is surrounded by the kitchen, terrace and dining room, making an ideal spot to host guests and relax with family members. The kitchen, located in the immediate proximity of the living room, was as discreet as possible, without feeling its presence, of an immaculate white, and is highlighted by a corian case with a pearl pattern. For the dining area, adjacent to this living space, we wanted to mark the space by using as a lighting fixture for the dining area an object that suggests a fishnet. The bedrooms were treated similarly, in light shades, in white/yellow/gold tones, to reflect as much as possible the sun and the spirit of the place.
In my view, the bathroom is an intimate space and the best way to convey this was by using a color palette as dark as possible, which would lead to the idea of a cave. Bathroom wallpaper, dedicated to interior spaces that centre around wellness and water, it brings a taste of the Greek island’s sun-soaked feel, and the finish of the floor reminds us of the color of the sand.