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Dramatic warm

Dramatic warm

Authors: arh. Cristina Caradim, arh. Radu Caradim, arh. Andreea Istrate, arh. Emanuel Budaies
Firm: Studio 2.1

Authors’ Comment

The project consisted in designing a four-room apartment for a young family with two children. Regarding the architecture level, we reorganized the plan of the apartment so that the master bedroom and the dressing room took the place of the living room, and by removing some compartments we transformed the hall, kitchen and a bedroom in an open space living area. The color scheme included shades of dark wood, gray, black accents, concrete, and the overall look is sober, elegant. In the children's rooms we tried to bring some warmth and individuality to the spaces by integrating some specific objects, colors or motifs that reminded of each one’s hobbyes and interests.

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