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Taupe Smoke

Taupe Smoke

Authors: arh. Cristiana Zgripcea, arh. Alexandru Morar, arh. Ciprian David

finisaje: Delta Studio
mobila: Zen Mob Design
Photo: Vlad Creteanu

Authors’ Comment

TAUPE SMOKE represents the arrangement of a small two-bedroom apartment located in a new residential complex in the north of Bucharest. The apartment has a beautiful view of Lake Tei and areas free of construction and rich in vegetation around it.
The slope is a functional one in which the day area is separated from the evening area by a distribution hall to the bedrooms and the guest bathroom.
The chromatic concept is based on two background colors (taupe on the walls and antiqued oak flooring) and two accent colors (black and gold).
The materials used at the furniture level are solid, in the shade of the walls, so as not to be confused with them, not to visually crowd the spaces considering that they are small, serving at the same time as support for the accent-show elements that are profiled on them.
The final result is of a house that has become first of all very comfortable for the trail of its beneficiaries, but which has also acquired the function of representing their personality and quality of life.