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Boutique apartments design

Boutique apartments design

Authors: arh. Octavian Gugu

Collaborator: arh. urb. Daria Toghe
Builder: Axa Trans Construct
executant mobilier: Ionut Matei/ Antodesign
Photo: Cosmin Dragomir, Sabin Prodan

Authors’ Comment

The project proposes the design of a few "boutique" apartments that are part of the same building and are intended for rent. Given that the function involves temporary living, the stake was to combine the feeling of familiarity and domesticity of a house, with the surprise and wonder that you might have in a foreign house. Conventional rooms of typical apartments have been simplified while maintaining the facilities of comfort specific to modern life that is connected to the city; they offer, instead, something increasingly difficult to get in urban housing today: space and light. The custom furniture has been standardized offering diversity and uniqueness with minimal means: texture and color. Each apartment is distinguished by particular chromatic combinations of a limited range of materials, often creating contrasts between vivid colors and warmer or neutral textures. The ostentation of the interior design is replaced by the uninhibited variation.

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