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Casa Naum

Casa Naum

Authors: arh. Claudia Motei
Firm: Locum Arhitectura

Photo: Razvan Chirila

Authors’ Comment

The house was built in the 30s and belongs to the Art Deco modernist style, often encountered in the interwar period in Bucharest. The project involved a comprehensive rehabilitation and consolidation intervention, while pursuing the preservation of the architectural image. In this idea, some of the elements considered valuable both inside and outside have been preserved.
At the same time, the obvious needs of living by the current standards have involved a complex intervention on the entire interior. The interior design refers to the legacy of the building from the 30s, in a contemporary note.
At the level of materiality, natural finishes were used, such as marble, microcement and wood. Neutral tones and natural finishes combine to create soothing and deeply welcoming spaces. From a chromatic point of view, light pastel tones predominate, with the role of visually amplifying the space, these being accentuated by the contrast with darker areas, such as the bar area which is more intimate. The delicate relationship between light and dark creates a balanced scheme.

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