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Apartament Badea Cârțan 13

Apartament Badea Cârțan 13

Autor principal:
arh. Elena Dragu
arh. Andrei Cumpănășoiu
Firm: Cumulus Architecture

Photo: Andrei Mărgulescu

Authors’ Comment

The concept that guided the interior design of the 110 sqm apartment at Badea Cârțan 13 was the desire to recreate the setting and atmosphere of some very particular places, respectively Soho House Club Chicago and Tulum, Mexico, places where the client lived some of his most beautiful experiences.
These sources generated an eclectic combination of furniture and design elements in a strong and warm color palette. From Soho House we were inspired by the blue color and the lightness in mixing dispersed elements, which later find their common point of coexistence; from Mexico we borrowed the strong red color, applied volumetrically. Basically, the whole concept was organized around the colors, sustained, not coincidentally, by the collection of paintings with greyhounds. The client's requirement was to create a welcoming but different space; bohemian and pretentious without being excessive; not minimalist nor industrial; a space that would remind him of Mexico, but also of the Soho house club Chicago.
Surprising elements such as the coral-red niche and the brass-finished access hall area are balanced by the dark tones of the walls and black furniture. Another element that has found its place in the design process is the collection of paintings with greyhounds, but also the owner's passion for plants. The strong lines of the design are sweetened by the curves of the ceilings and the warm light and generate a soothing experience. The space is very clearly divided into the living area, open, with access hall, living room and dining area; the latter extends outside with a sufficiently generous terrace.
The starting point was the color navy blue, generously recounted throughout the daytime area, on the walls and ceiling. The varied color palette, with intense colors for the living area: navy blue and coral red, but soft and restful for the night spaces: bedrooms and bathrooms, where white and warm grays dominate. A challenge was to find storage spaces that were not massive in the context of the space, but also to use dark colors, without resulting in a dark space.

Area: 110 sqm

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